The following terms and conditions apply web maintenance services provided by AEVO TECH SDN. BHD. to the Client.


1. Acceptance

Client has to agree and submit all the required login credentials requested by AEVO TECH SDN. BHD. for web maintenance purpose.


2. Pre-Check

A pre-check is needed prior to the registration of our web content maintenance service. AEVO TECH SDN. BHD. will check and inform you if your website is eligible for our web content maintenance package.


3. Service Request & Service Hour

Service request is the number of time where a client who signed up our web maintenance package can contact us via support portal / whatsapp and request for maintenance job. Client can list unlimited number of maintenance tasks in one service request. Service hour is the total man hour spent for all the maintenance tasks, and will be calculated fairly by AEVO TECH SDN. BHD.


4. Monthly Cycle

Service request and service hour are reset on the 1st day of every calendar month. Unutilised service request and service hour will be forfeited and cannot be bring forward to the following month.


5. First Month Adjustment

Each maintenance service month starts at 1st day of every month and ends at the last day of the month. For client who not starting the web maintenance package at the first day of calendar month, the maintenance charges, service request and service hour of the first month will be prorated and adjusted in order to follow the calendar month cycle. For service request and service hour, any fraction of calculation less than 0.5 will be disregarded, any fraction larger than or equal to 0.5 will be treated as 1. Minimum 1 service request and 1 service hour will be provided to client under this calculation.


6. Turnaround Time

Under normal circumstance, we will try our best to honour the average maintenance delivery time stated in our maintenance package. However, if the total tasks of maintenance in one request are too great in numbers, or is too complex and required additional time to finish the tasks, we will inform and update client with the new estimate time of delivery.


7. Maintenance Request

To request for maintenance job, client has to submit the maintenance ticket and all necessary information regarding the maintenance tasks via our maintenance support portal / whatsapp. Our maintenance support will reply and follow up the maintenance job with client. After completion of maintenance task, our maintenance support will send notification to client and request for final confirmation. After confirming with client, we will close the support ticket and will notify the client if they reach 75% of the allocated support request or support hour.


8. Additional Charges

Additional add-on charges will be billed at the end of the month. Client has to make the necessary payment following the payment term set by AEVO TECH SDN. BHD..


9. Additional Terms and Conditions

AEVO TECH SDN. BHD. standard Terms and Conditions also applied to our web maintenance service.